The Flyer Vault

An Overview

The Flyer Vault began as a discovery of a trunk filled with several thousand concert flyers and has turned into an Instagram account with a massive following that celebrates the rich history and incredible people who’ve made Toronto the great music city it is today.

Our relationship with The Flyer Vault has spanned a number of projects including social media content creation, wall art collages that are now featured in some of Downtown Toronto’s most prominent spaces, along with the full UX design & development of their inaugural website.


2020 – Present

What We Did

UX Design, Web Development, Custom Wall Art, Social Media Content

Our goal for the website was to transform The Flyer Vault's massive Instagram presence into an immersive online experience complete with revenue generating portals.

Additionally, we collaborated closely with The Flyer Vault for a one-of-a-kind wall wrap installed in an iconic Downtown Toronto office space.

Created for a Toronto-based artist management agency’s newly renovated headquarters. They wanted to create a unique piece that could complement the décor and showcase their incredible roster of artists.