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If you want people to talk about your business online, the process is pretty straightforward.

  • Do something worth talking about.
  • Make it as easy as possible for people to share it.
  • And if you want people to know it’s YOUR business that’s being talked about, get YOUR name into the story.

It’s that final step which I’ll elaborate on.

The Steak Out

The photo here, was taken in a great village pub and restaurant, known for outstanding food. It’s a list of steaks they offer, which apparently always includes some unusual (worthy of sharing) steaks. The place has a great reputation for food.

As this photo was being taken, one of the regular customers mentioned that people often took photos of the menu.

Take another look at that photo: Have you spotted something missing, which means they are gaining nothing from all the photos being shared about their amazing steaks?

The name of that pub and their website is missing from the steak menu.

A Missed Opportunity
So, they have created a visual story worth sharing, but when people share the visual, the venue isn’t included in the share. It gets none of the publicity it deserves, from all those happy customers regularly sharing that steak menu online.

  • No one knows the name of the pub, from the photo’s being shared on social networks.
  • Because there’s no website on the menu board, you can’t find the place either, even if you wanted to try one of their steaks, you wouldn’t know where to find them.
  • No name. No website. No phone number. No Word of Mouth referrals from all those social networking shares of their menu.

The Answer?
Make sure your website and (or) company name is visible on any element of your business, which people are likely to share online.

Then your business gets shared, along with the story.

Original article written by Jim’s Marketing Blog

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