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We recently came across an entry at one of our favourite marketing blogs that seemed to hit the nail on the head with the way many small businesses operate with their online presence.

We pulled a few of the key points (as well as added a few of our own) to share here:

Why Easy Isn’t Always Right

Usually there are 2 options open to us when making business decisions:

  • We can do what’s easy.
  • We can do what’s right.

Yes, sometimes the easy option and the right option are the same. However, for the most part, important business decisions are not easy. They require risk. They cause you to leave your comfort zone. It’s how all meaningful, commercial progress is made.

Easy… but often wrong

Why do many business owners operate behind a boring, out-dated website? Because it’s easy to let it slide. It’s easier to convince themselves that it doesn’t matter. It’s easy to pretend that potential customers won’t notice how cheap their business may come across. It’s easy… but wrong.

Why do many business owners persist with a strategy that means they work too many hours for too little reward? Because it’s easy to go with the flow. It’s easy to stick with what they’re used to. It’s easier to avoid any risk. It’s easy… but wrong.

Why do many business owners mimic what their competitors are doing instead of trying to showcase their own uniqueness? Because it’s easier to make a carbon copy of what someone else has created. It’s easy… but wrong.

Building a successful business means making the right decisions… not necessarily the easy ones.

Let us help you take that leap and give your online presence that Punk Rock Factor.

Original article written by Jim’s Marketing Blog

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