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I can already feel the tension building with the title of this post.

You’re thinking: “Is he really about to try to relate Punk music to the business world? Isn’t that blasphemy and the complete opposite of what the whole Punk thing was all about?!”

Well, yeah… but hear me out on this one. (And also maybe don’t tell Johnny Rotten about this post, cool?)

The Scenario

Think back to your high school days.

I know, I know, you’ve probably done everything you can to try to forget about those days, but trust me on this.

Remember that group of hardcore Punk Rock kids that always roamed the halls, seemingly not caring about a thing except how many band patches they could have safety pinned to their tattered denim vests? The ones who made sure they always had enough hair gel on hand for any type of mohawk malfunction?

Right, those ones.

In fact, I bet you can even remember most of their names to this day too.

Now try this one.

Who was it that had the locker 2 down from you? What about who you sat beside in grade 10 English class?

Likely not as easy, is it?

The Standout Factor

The reason you remember these Punk Rockers so well is because they did something different.

They stood out.

At a time in your life when most people were following what everyone else was doing because it was the easiest and least risky thing to do, these individuals said ‘No Way’ and went in the exact opposite direction of the crowd, and because of this you’ve remembered them after all these years.

This is the approach you should be taking with your business.

You need to be doing something that sets you apart from your competitors. Something that makes you memorable. Something that makes you Punk Rock.

When you follow the rest of the crowd, you set yourself up to blend right in and be hidden in the sea of businesses that are all competing for that same thing: Your clients.

And if that wasn’t enough, it gets worse.

When everyone is offering the exact same product or service with no real stand out difference, then by default the only element that you’re really left competing on is your price. That’s a bad spot to be in, since there will always be someone willing to undercut you to steal that client away.

Instead, you should be positioning yourself to be the obvious choice to potential clients by channeling your inner Punk Rocker and making sure that what you bring to the table is something your competitors don’t.

The Cupcake Connection

By now, I’m sure you’re thinking ‘That’s all well and good, but what does he mean by “Be Memorable”.’

Well, let me introduce to you the clothing company Johnny Cupcakes.

Now, by all merits, Johnny Cupcakes is just another lifestyle branded clothing company that happens to use a cupcake in their logo. (Think skull & crossbones, only a ‘Cupcake & Crossbones’).

Okay. A fun idea, but nothing really that memorable. So what’s so ‘Punk Rock’ about that?


They’ve set up all of their physical stores to literally look and operate like a bakery.

But with clothes.

Clothes folded and displayed under glass display cases in rows like baked goods would be. Hoodies and hats in makeshift standup ‘coolers’. Even colourful fake ovens on the wall.

A super simple concept, but they’ve managed to tie it into their brand in such a unique way, that you can’t help but remember their name.

That’s what I mean by ‘Be Memorable’.

If you can pinpoint what it is that makes your brand unique, you stand a much better chance of building yourself a loyal client base of people who love what you do and how you do it.

It’s a tricky thing to figure out but it’s absolutely crucial for your brand’s success that you stand out, that you be different, and most importantly that you be you; In both your business and in your mindset. Let your personality shine through, because people buy from people.

Now go get Punk Rock with your branding and make Joey Ramone proud.