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Almost everyone these days uses the web to check into a potential company before deciding whether to do business with them or not. Your potential clients included. So, what is your website telling them about your business and all that you offer?

Many small businesses are completely unaware of the importance of a well designed website. Think of the leads, phone calls and sales generated from prospective clients you could be missing out on simply because your website was put together in a rush by a family friend who ‘knows about computers and can whip something up for you’. The old saying you get what you pay for really holds true when it comes to your online presence.

Keep it looking as professional as possible
Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t show up for a meeting with a potential client wearing ripped jeans and a Slayer t-shirt would you? (Well…assuming you’re client isn’t ACTUALLY the band Slayer) So it goes without saying, that your website should give off the same professional look & vibe that an actual meeting in person would. You may even work in an online based industry where you won’t meet face to face with your clients at all, so really, your website is the only visual of you they see.

Play nice with Google
In addition to the look of the site, Search Engine Optimization plays a huge role in increasing page views. When a website is optimized properly it can make all the difference in the world. Consider a tiny shop way out in the country and then consider the difference it would make if that same shop was smack dab in the downtown core of a major city. After all, people need to know about you to do business with you.

If your marketing efforts haven’t generated the kind of responses you had expected, think back to the people who were ‘going to contact you’ and whether or not they may have visited your site first. What kind of first impression did it give them?

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